Herts Crest

2019 Road Running Results


5k Senior Hatfield 5k Series Female  Male   F Team   M Team  Medals  
5k Vets Hatfield 5k Series Female  Male  F Team  M Team  F Medals  M Medals  
5 miles Senior Pednor 5 Results  
5 miles Vets Hatfield 5 Results  
10k Senior Standalone Male   Female   M Team   F Team  
10k Vets Welwyn 10k All  Female  Male  F Medals  M Medals  F Team  M Team  
10 miles Vets Fred Hughes 10 Results  
10 miles Senior Ricky Road Run County finishers   M Team   F Team   Medals  
1/2 Mar Vets Stevenage Half Results  (Medals - see Senior)  
1/2 Mar Senior Stevenage Half Results   Medals
20 Miles Senior and Vets      
Relays Senior & Vets   Cancelled due to excessive heat  
Relays Young Athletes   Results